On the 21st of September 2018, Brencare Foundation in collaboration with Foundational Network Africa (FNA) commenced her first Leadership and Hygiene Club meeting at Government Secondary School, Henshaw Town, Calabar, Cross River State. The Leadership and Hygiene Club aim to address problems young adolescents face which include poor socialization, peer pressure, career choices, self-development etc. Facilitators from Brencare Foundation and Foundational Network Africa included; Victoria Archibong, Deborah Archibong, Blessed Orji, Francisca Effanga, and Amah Archibong.

Miss Victoria started off the meeting by welcoming the selected students, after which Deborah Archibong opened the meeting with a prayer. To heighten the atmosphere and dive into the business of the day Miss Andifon introduced some icebreakers before teaching menstrual hygiene. She highlighted what it means to have menstrual hygiene and pointed out ways a girl child can put her hygiene in check during menstruation. She also emphasized putting on clean underwear, bathing at least twice a day (not using soap on the genitals, but clean water) and also cultivating healthy eating habits during this period.

Giving a talk next was Miss Deborah Archibong, an FNA Social Leader who anchored a discussion on adolescents and puberty alongside Miss Victoria. Deborah started by asking the students who an adolescent is. The students gave several answers, she also stated the various problems an adolescent faces and challenges they are prone to. She rounded up her discussion by saying that Adolescence is a period of psychological and social transitioning between childhood and adulthood which every parent and guardian must pay attention to.

Miss Victoria Archibong went further to talk about puberty, what puberty is, at what age puberty occurs, and physical changes in males and females during the period of puberty. She went further to advise the students to join the Leadership and Hygiene Club powered by Brencare Foundation in association with Foundational Network Africa which is out to ensure that every child maintains good personal hygiene and is indoctrinated with proper health tips. She stated some benefit of the club to the student which includes;

● Building self-esteem and self-confidence in young people.

● Teaching young adolescents how to better understand the changes in their bodies.

● Training on Entrepreneurship skills.

● Providing free sanitary products for marginalized girls.

At the end of the training an ss3 student of Government Secondary School Henshaw Town, Miss Comfort Offiong appreciated the team for their time and effort.

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